Multistakeholder collaboration and Community
feedback for effective Internet Governance

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Empowering conversations with consensus

Working group automation driving cumulative feedback to streamline cross-organizational output.


Mechanisms for Action

A platform that systemically integrates inclusivity, transparency, equality, and community.


Participation Parity

Any qualifying Government or NGO may sign-up to create, manage and collaborate with working groups.


Organic Policy Evolution

Ad-hoc civic working groups are consulted on issues to upvote comments and distill solutions.


Fluid Multilingualism

A multilingual interface that may be easily extended to new languages by community members.

Transparent System

Transparent System

Live source code mirror and anonymized statistics assure integrity to all participants.

Digital solidarity: You are in good company

Together we can encourage and facilitate people-centric, inclusive Internet governance.

What people are saying

World leaders recognize the challenge to ensure the equitable and fair participation we deserve.

The Internet is a platform for amazing innovation. Able to cope with diversity, and adapt to local needs and sensitivities. Its main innovative success lies in its nature: open, unified and global. It deserves the governance to match. Open and transparent, global and multi-stakeholder.

Neelie Kroes
VP, European Commission

With the migration of cultural expressions to digital formats, we see the formation of a global digital content marketplace and the challenge for all is to ensure equitable and fair participation on the part of all countries. For this, we need balanced regulatory frameworks, infrastructure and systems.

Francis Gurry
Director General, WIPO

Connecting organizations with experts

Open, unified and global architecture to maintain balance within regulatory frameworks, infrastructure and systems.

World Organizations
Systems & Infrastructure
Working groups
Frequently Asked Questions
What is InternetGov?

InternetGov is a web-based platform that enables efficient, inclusive, and transparent Internet governance by diverse, global stakeholders. It is intended to facilitate a unified front for a representative body that is vested with powers to ensure systemic accountability as a result of the IANA and RZM transition process.

Why do we need this platform?

The current trajectory of the transition process vests all power to govern the fundamental processes that facilitate the operation of the Internet with a single organization, resulting in a single point of failure for the preservation of the interests of governments and business.

What is the status of development?

The project is currently in prototype phase demonstrating key features providing for the registration of organizations, formation of working groups, and sharing of information. The goal is to complete a production ready system with ample time for it to be effective in the transition process.

How can we support InternetGov?

It is crucial that InternetGov is completed in a timely manner, internationalized, seeded and scaled within this rapid flux of technology and governance. As such, we are currently considering substantive sponsorship opportunities that enable the world to rise to the challenge.

Facilitating accountability for sustainable
governance of the Global Network